Breaking: Seniors Finally Get A Smartwatch They Love. And The Health Benefits Alone Are Causing A Stir.

Most of the smartphone-loving population love smartwatches as well. And with good reason – from counting steps to monitoring heartrates and blood pressure to calorie counting, they have some really excellent benefits.

But one group has been slow to adapt to smartwatches – seniors. And the reasons are clear: they are difficult to use, and they are very expensive.

This is why we were caught off guard by SmartLife, a smartwatch that does everything you’d want it to do, with an easy-to-use interface, and a sweet price.

Meet Fitnus – The Smartwatch That Does It All, At The Right Price

Fitnus is a smartwatch that does the things many people buy a smartwatch for: it takes phone calls, counts steps, message alerts, and more.

But honestly, it’s the health features that have made it such a hit, especially for seniors. Health features like:

  • Health and heart monitoring – blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen and beats per minute (BPM). All in real time!
  • Sleep monitoring – see how well you are sleeping.
  • Calorie Monitoring (this is seriously useful).
  • Fitness tracking – record your workouts and compare them.
  • And of course, it’ll count steps.

The secret to SmartLife is the laser in the back of the watch. It monitors your vital signs like heart rate, BP, and more. It’s like having a doctor with you 24/7.

Why These Health Features Matter

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist (editor’s note: but you will feel like one with this watch on… ok, back to the article) to understand the benefits of knowing your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and similar.

This is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for seniors. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and people over 50 are especially vulnerable.

It’s been called “the silent killer” because it often has no alarming symptoms until its too late, but it does leave many clues – the very things the Fitnus Watch monitors.

Aside from that, regular exercise, better sleep, counting steps… they can all lead to better health. No wonder seniors are loving this watch.

What Other Features Does The Fitnus Watch Have?

We’re going to repeat ourselves with the health features at the end of this list:

  • Large color 1.3” HD display, with awesome icons. It’s super easy to read and understand.
  • IP6/7 Waterproof (Wear it in the shower or go swimming.)
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Synchs to both iPhone (IOS) and Android phones.
  • Answer calls, send messages, etc.
  • Alerts and Alarms (Never miss an appointment again)
  • Step Counter
  • Sleep Monitoring (How much REM Sleep are you getting?)
  • Smart Fitness Reminder (hey you, you’ve been sitting too long!)
  • Phone Finder (call your phone from your watch. Awesome!)
  • Photo Shoot (Setup your phone, and use your watch to snap the picture.)
  • Music Control
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Heart Monitor (real time blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen. and BPM)
  • Calorie Counting
  • Super long battery life
  • The easiest-to-use smartwatch ever!
  • Oh, and it looks GREAT

Ok, How Much Is It?

Smartwatches are a $5 BILLION dollar industry. That’s because most smartwatches are hundreds of dollars. But why are they so expensive? Two reasons:

1 – Huge tech company expenses and salaries (including the billionaires that own them).

2 – People will pay it. Especially hip people who also buy $9 lattes.

But SmartLife was invented by a tech startup with smart engineers, but no billionaires. They also have their own coffeepot. And they unleashed Fitnus to turn the smartwatch industry upside down.

How? By selling it for a ridiculous $55.00 (thanks to their 50% off promo, which was extended – good thing you read this today, right?)

That’s right. Not $700. Not $500. Not even $295, which would be a STEAL.

But no, you’ll only pay $55.00 if you get it before the 50% off deal expires. But even if it does expire, it’s STILL an awesome deal.

(but don’t be silly – take advantage of the promo. It’s already in extension, and when this batch of stock is gone, the deal will be too.

What Others Have Said

“This is a 5-star smartwatch. I love how easy it is to use, and I love the icons. My friend, who paid $600 for her smartwatch, likes mine better.”
– Jill B, 59

“I avoided smartwatches for the same reason I avoided most new technology: I was intimidated by them. But this watch is so easy to use, I didn’t even need help. And I’m a heart attack risk. Knowing my BP is HUGE. “
– Kenneth C, 62

“My mother got one of these SmartLife watches. I was jealous. Like, how could my mother beat me in owning a smartwatch? I checked hers out, and it had everything I wanted, and it was better looking than my girlfriend’s Apple Watch. I got one, and I love it. “
– Missy, 29

“I’ll be honest: this SmartLife watch has kept me motivated in going to the gym. Everytime I feel like slacking, I look at my wrist and say “get to it”. “
– Jim, 36

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 – Low Stock Alert: The company extended 50% off SmartLife until their current stock runs out. The watch has gone viral, and the 50% off will be shut down in a matter of days, if not hours. Get your SmartLife for $55.00 now.

Order now before they sell out again.

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